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Therapeutic Cervical Pillows Proven to Ease Neck Pain

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Therapeutic Cervical Pillows

Do you suffer from neck pain? Many people experiencing neck and shoulder pain need painkillers or expensive treatments just to get through their daily routine. However, there is an effective way to ease chronic pain that’s simple and safe – sleeping on a therapeutic cervical pillow. These compact, cylindrical pillows provide support to the head and neck and allow for proper spinal alignment.
One manufacturer of therapeutic cervical pillows, Align-Right, had heard many stories from customers who claimed that their neck pain had receded or even disappeared after sleeping with the Align-Right pillow. However, the company discovered that no research had been done with regard to cervical pillows and neck pain. Align-Right approached the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic Clinic in Toronto and asked them to do a scientific study.
The results of the CMCC’s study were astonishing. The patients selected for the study had been suffering from neck pain for an average of 6.65 years. These subjects were tested over the course of 6 weeks. (During this time, none of them had chiropractic or other types of treatment.) 93% of subjects reportedsignificant pain reduction, with 13% becoming completely pain-free! In addition, there was a 75% reduction in the amount of pain medication needed by patients.
Following this study, which was written up as "Before and After Study  to Determine the Effectiveness of the Align-Right Cylindrical Cervical Pillow in reducing Chronic Neck Pain Severity” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, many doctors and chiropractors began recommending therapeutic cervical pillows to patients. Some insurance companies also cover the cost for their clients.

How it Works

Regular pillows are shaped for the bed, not for the sleeper. If you look at x-rays of a subject lying on a conventional bed pillow, you will note that the vertebrae at the base of the spine are compressed. This in turn can lead to nerve compression and create severe pain. An x-ray of a sleeper on a therapeutic cervical pillow, however, shows how the natural curve of the neck is supported, gently stretching neck muscles and allowing space between the vertebrae.
In addition, regular pillows are standard sizes, despite the size of the sleeper. Therapeutic cervical pillows, on the other hand, are usually available in a number of sizes. Align-Right, for example, offers five different-sized pillows, customized to individual height, body structure, and what they have termed the "Sleep Triangle,” a measurement taken from the top of the ear down to the top of the neck and from the side of the neck to the outer hard part of the shoulder.
Another factor to take into account is your dominant sleeping position. Better pillow makers have pillows that are designed for both back sleepers and side sleepers. Sleeping on your stomach is discouraged, since that causes great neck compression.

Choosing a Cervical Pillow

When you select a therapeutic cervical pillow, be sure to select one that can be cleaned and sanitized by putting it into your washer and dryer. The dryer will help to remove any dust mites or allergens that build up. Other things to consider are the durability and loft of the filling, the construction method, and the materials used for the cover.
Purchase a sized cylindrical therapeutic cervical pillow today – and sleep well tonight!
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Sleeping Pillow

A Natural Solution for Good Sleep

Are you burdened with tension, headaches, neck/shoulder/back/pain, snoring or fibromyalgia? Or do you always wake up tired and stiff? Do you crave a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep?

Relief can be instant when you properly support and align your neck and back. The Align-Right sleeping pillow is proven to increase comfort, reduce tension and relax muscles because it is designed for your unique body shape and your predominant sleep position.

A custom fitted pillow will give you a restful, deep sleep experience so you can wake refreshed and feeling great!

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